Live Bollywood dance to take the stage at this year’s festival!

Dani-Jean Stuart and her Masala Bhangra students will give a presentation on Bollywood dancing.

New England Bollywood Film Festival is proud to announce that Masala Bhangra Workout instructor Dani-Jean Stuart and some of her students will take the stage for a LIVE Bollywood dance presentation at this year’s festival! The 30 minute presentation will take place around noon, during the break between the morning and afternoon film showings.

Masala means “spicy” in Hindi, while bhangra is a folk dance from the northern part of India.  Join in this fun fusion of bhangra and Bollywood-style choreography, developed by Sarina Jain and led by Dani-Jean. This fun presentation will give you a great chance to get up and move after enjoying the morning films!

Dani-Jean is New Hampshire’s first certified Masala Bhangra Workout® instructor. She says she got sedentary (and larger)  for the two years after her elderly Doberman couldn’t trail run with her any more. The long time student of yoga fell in love with the Masala Bhangra Workout, but found there were no classes in New Hampshire. So she got certified to teach it so she could share the fun and inspire others on their own journey to get active and shed some size!

Check out Dani-Jean’s website here: Spicy Moves

Whether you want to watch or maybe even shake it up a little, Bollywood style, Dani-Jean and her students at Masala Bhangra are going to help you sweat ..and you’re gonna LOVE it!


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